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V-RISK-10 (Violence risk screening-10)

V-RISK-10 screening instrument

V-RISK-10 — English version - Downloadable pdf file

(Norwegian pages)

Status summer 2008

The V-RISK-10 is a brief screening instrument for violence risk assessment in acute and general psychiatry, developed by the Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry in Oslo ( ) through the years 2001-2008. The background for this process was a communicated need from general psychiatric departments for help in violence risk assessment in their numerous and rapidly circulating patient population. The existing assessment instruments, developed in forensic psychiatry, were too time- and expertise consuming for screening purposes in this field.

The screen has been validated, both for use at admission in acute, bed based departments for violence risk during the hospital stay, and at discharge for violence during the following first year in the community. Preliminary results, submitted for publication, show good validity, both with a high negative predictive value and with areas under the curve (AUCs) in receiver operating characteristics (ROC) analysis of around and above .80. These results pertain both to the in- and outpatient context and to predictive validity for physical and non-physical (threats) violence, equal for both genders.

The V-RISK-10 is aimed to be of help for tracking / finding patients in general and acute psychiatry who need a more thorough violence risk assessment, clinical, and/or instrument based. The screen has a checklist function, helping the clinicians not to overlook important items that may include increased risk of violence.

In daily clinical work we recommend to employ the screen without numerical scoring of the items. In the validation studies, numerical values were necessary, and this was performed by scoring

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